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It’s November 1, which means Amazon has started their pre- black friday sales every day up to black friday, plus any purchases from Now until Christmas can be returned up until the end of January.  It also means that I will try to not buy anything in the off-chance it does go on sale, and I would have over paid.  Enjoy the sales.  There are tons of them.

Amazon Black Friday Sales


It’s free slurpee day. That is all.

I love Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives but when I saw he was making chili with the cast of grown ups 2, I went straight for the delete button since it was not a typical episode plus I’m not a fan of the first movie. But I love chili, so when I saw this posted, I had to save it. Now to go to the store. I’m either going to have leftover chili for a month, or wait until there’s a gathering and I have 15 people to share this with.


Summer Blood Drive

It’s time again tor the annual KZPS summer blood drive.  They usually have it during the summer because this is the time of year they get the least amount of donations.  I wish I could donate blood but apparently I’m not good enough even though any doctor says I’m fine.  Not just for the free tshirts or contests but I like helping people. Which reminds me I still haven’t signed up to be an organ donor.  Anyway, if you can donate please try to make it out this week. If you can’t make it to this drive then just drop by your closest carter donation center and they’ll be happy to suck your blood. Just make sure you eat first so you don’t pass out.

Well almost.  It has come to my attention that I fell down on the blogging job.  Probably due to the fact that it’s hard for me to determine what’s worthy of a blog post and what isn’t.  If I posted every time I had something to say, I’d be posting every 5 minutes.  So I will use facebook to refresh my memory, and catch you up with what’s happened in the last year.  Minor disclaimer.  This blog jumps around as much as the thoughts in my head do.  Try and keep up.  If I post more often, I won’t have to do this.

Since this is a food blog (ish) I’ll start with the fact that Hoffbrau opened in Richardson a year ago, and I have not been yet (#fail).  Someday soon (I Hope).  

Looks like I started my food network addiction last June, and It’s still going strong.  I’ve weeded out a few shows, but my favorites are Chopped, Next Food Network Star, Diners, Drive-ins, and dives, (which I make a point to look at their list anytime I go on vacation for new restaurants) and then I also discovered a Channel called Destination America, which has BBQ Pittmasters, and United Stated of Bacon.  Now I get to eat my way through america.  One of the judges on BBQ Pittmasters has a BBQ joint in Miami, and is opening one in NYC.  I plan to be there in October.


Trader Joe’s came to Dallas! It’s like world market, only better.  I’ve only been twice since they opened.  That needs to change.

I finally got some Vosges bacon dark chocolate candy bars.  they are awesome! just wish they werent so expensive.  But its so worth it.

Zac Brown came out a new cd last year.  It’s their best one yet.  AND I got to goto the concert back in April AND meet the band and have awesome food.  One of the best concerts I’ve been to.

Ok I tried the facebook thing and it’s taking too long.  so I’m just going to go off what I remember.

When we moved to mckinney we kept going to our old church in Richardson, partly because I still worked security and ran cameras on sundays occasionally.  That drive became too much so we started going to one right by our house, but It did not fit.  It’s hard finding a sunday school class or small group that you fit in when you get married at 22.  Going to the newlywed class, everyone was older than us.  Then they started having kids.  We weren’t there yet.  Same thing happened at the new church.  Eventually we stopped going.  It took about 2 years for us to start looking again, and so we looked for a few months, and couldnt find one that fit.  I think the problem with big churches is you dont feel you fit in.  Everyone has their group, and they go to church, they go to sunday school, then they go home.  We wanted something more than that.  

One day, I went online, and found a church that I thought was non denominational, so I pulled up the website, and everything checked out under beliefs, then I listened to a sermon via podcast, and the pastor had a unique way of preaching but I don’t know how to explain it.  So we went one sunday the last week of august, and we liked it, then found out they didnt have sunday school. so I thought we were back to square one.  Long story short, we found out they have life groups, which is like small groups, and we have been going to 2 every semester and love it, and love the church and love the people and it’s very diverse, and growing, and healthy, and can’t wait to see what’s next.  If you want the long version, just ask. 

For Thanksgiving, my mom and my grandmother came to Texas from Florida and we drove to Copperas Cove to have thanksgiving with more family.  It was awesome.  There are pictures on facebook.  On  the way back, we went to Lockhart, TX to have some of the best BBQ in texas and it was awesome!! We ate way too much.  Then we stopped in West, TX for kolaches.  If you’re from texas, you know where that is.  IF you don’t then get there quick.  

In January I turned 30.  The month leading up to it, was a drag.  I didnt like feeling old lol.  Then the day came, and I got over it.  The way I see it, I’m not another day older, I’m one day closer to being in heaven!  Sarah planned an awesome surprise party and It’s nice to finally have friends that you can do stuff with (and I dont know if that sounded selfish or some other word, but its not supposed to be.  its another long story)  I saw Lady Gaga for the 3rd time and it was actually on my 30th, so happy birthday to me! Concert was awesome as usual.  Can’t wait for the new album, I just wish she would give me a date.  Even if it were 9 months away, just give me a date!

We were supposed to see her in NYC in February, which is awesome, since it’s NYC and her home town.  But she had to cancel the rest of her tour to have hip surgery, so that was a bummer.  We ended up cancelling the trip but got our money back because we had trip insurance.    The good news is we just booked another trip so we can go back to NYC but also to Toronto so we can do Niagra falls!  We had enough airline miles so the airfare is fre, just have to pick out hotels.  But we will be going in October!

I think that’s pretty much it for now.  I won’t talk about how the rangers have had their longest losing streak since 1988.  It’s still early, but there’s always next year.  At least hamilton isnt doing anything good for the angels.  Money poorly spent.  Hopefully I’ll do this more often, and it won’t be a cluster next time.

Doritos Locos Tacos

Taco Bell on the inside. Doritos on the outside.

I am not a fan of taco bell. If I ever go there, I only get one thing on the menu. Until I found out about The Doritos Taco. March 8 was the debut, and I anxiously waited until the work day was over to get one for dinner. And it was well worth the wait. How do you make a taco better? By adding a Nacho Cheese Doritos shell. Not fantastic enough for me to want to go back on any sort of regular basis, but now if I am ever there, I will order the usual, as well as this Doritos Taco. Now if I could just get them to put tomatoes on it, then it would be perfect.

I usually enjoy the award shows every year, and while I am still excited to watch the Oscars tonight, I’m not really feeling any of the movies in it.  Of the movies in the Best Picture Category, I’ve only seen 3, and none of them are going to win.  The only category where I’m actually rooting for anyone is for Best Original Song, and of course I have to go with the muppets.  There’s a 50/50 shot, so fingers are crossed.  I’m glad they are allowing the muppets to present, but they were supposed to sing their song.  There’s still time.  Are you a man or a muppet?

March 5th is the 30th anniversary of John Belushi‘s passing…Dan Aykroyd and John’s widow Judy Belushi are presenting a special memorial concert celebrating “Joliet Jake“‘s life in (where else?) Joliet Illinois, with special original Blues Brothers band guests Paul Shaffer, “Bones” Malone, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, “Blue” Lou Marini, plus Otis Day from Animal House.– and it’s being webcast LIVE, on Facebook !!  Here is the link:

Sign up for this once in a lifetime event.  It starts at 8pm CST and will be broadcast live!  All you have to do to watch is donate $5

Hello World.  I stole that from WordPress.  I thought it was cheesy and I liked it.   My name is Joshua, if you want, you can call me , Josh, Joshy, Joshy-poo, JP, J to the P, joshy-wa, or whatever clever name you want to come up with.  If you want the story behind any of those names, just ask.

This blog was started because a friend and coworker (you know who you are) tells me practically every day that I need to start a blog.  So if you think it’s crap, send all hate mail to her.  Just kidding.  Let me explain a few things before we get started.  I chose the name JoshKidding because I wanted a pun, and thought that was a good one, and it wasn’t taken.  I chose the theme because I thought it looked interesting, not too basic, but not too fancy either.  Plus it’s Called “Chaos Theory” defined by “A dark single-column theme with a minimal, techy feel.” Hence the name of this post. If my thoughts ramble from sentence to sentence it is because I have ADD, I sometimes have a lot to say and rather try to organize my thoughts, I plan on just spitting them out.  If you don’t like it, or can’t follow it, then you probably won’t be interested in staying for long.  But if you are bored, need a good laugh, or want to find out the latest in entertainment and technology, then you have come to the right place.  I plan to stay up to date on both of those topics as my primary focus because those are the things that are most interesting to me.  Whether it’s tv, movies, sports or video games, I plan to fill this blog with a lot of random, unconnected, and unrelated junk.  Whatever I feel like talking about at the time. Again, Chaos Theory.  That’s enough about that, now on to the important news of the day.

BASEBALL!! Yesterday was the start of training camp, and for me, that means all things RANGERS! Random fact of the day.  Training camp is in Surprise, AZ which is about an hour NW of Mesa, AZ where the Republican Debate is going on.  I won’t get into politics because I don’t want it to be that kind of blog.  So back to baseball.  Right now the big topic of discussion is all things Yu Darvish.  He is supposed to be our ticket to finally winning the world series.  For the amount of money we paid for him, (51.7 million just to have the right to sign him, and $60 million to keep him for 6 years) he better be worth it.  My main concern is just the fact of being in a new place, where the rules and regulations are a little different, but not by much, and even the size of the baseball is different.  But I have confidence in the Rangers that they will be able to get him to where he needs to be in time for opening day in 6 weeks time.   Plus, is he ever going to learn english? Apparently he asked Derek Holland to teach him, but I don’t know that he’s the right person for the job.  Do we really want Yu Darvish sounding like Harry Caray? Now Josh Hamilton, on the other hand, is a different story.  I’m worried he’s getting closer and closer to being cut, traded, or sent to the minors.  The Rangers must like him to keep paying someone to babysit him.  He’s a grown man, he can take care of himself, and if he wants to play baseball and get paid for it, he shouldn’t need one.  That’s all I’m going to say on that.

Next up on the list is HUNGER GAMES!!! I have my Hunger Games T-shirt on right now that I got from Hot Topic.  I purposely wore it today because Tickets went on sale finally!  To give you a background, I first heard about the Hunger Games last summer, when one of the many sites I frequent was talking about it was coming out soon, and I was intrigued.  I read the summary, and asked a friend if the books were any good.  She told me if I didn’t like them, then something was wrong with me.  So I went to the public library’s online catalog, and placed the first book on hold.  Meanwhile, I went to amazon to browse around and found that They had the first chapter for free.  So I started reading, and what was supposed to be the first chapter was actually a little over 4 chapters.  By then I was hooked.  Maybe I put the book on hold after that not before.  I dont know.  That was 8 months ago.  Anyway.  I ended up reading the entire trilogy in under a week, and I was hooked.  I decided that when the movie came out, I wanted to go to the midnight showing.  So in November, I requested the day of release off from work, 4 months in advance.  Now we are month out, and the excitement is killing me.  I have a tshirt, and poster, which I got for FREE from the theater back when I saw Captain America.  You will soon find out that my favorite things include collecting tshirts, and FREE stuff.  One day, I’ll let you in on my secrets.   So yesterday, I wrote on the facebook page of Cinemark, and asked what time tickets were going on sale.  They said 9am.  Then last night, one of the many Hunger Games twitters I follow said Midnight.  So I got online at 11pm, no tickets.  Again at midnight no tickets.  So I went to bed.  Woke up at 6am and still no tickets.  When I finally got to work, I noticed that Cinemark did have tickets for sale.  So I bought two, for me and a friend.  He is just as excited as I am, took off work and everything.  I bought them through cinemark because for one, they went on sale first, and for two, the convenience fee was 25 cents less than Fandango.  Originally I wanted to buy on Fandango because you get a free song download from the soundtrack.  But after thinking about it, and realizing I was going to buy the soundtrack anyway, then there was no point in getting a free song.  Other merchandise I want to get  is the stadium shirt from hot topic, the mockingjay pin on a gold chain, magnets, and the set of 3 action figures of the 3 main characters.  Guess I need to save my amazon certs.  Thats another site I frequent. Probably my favorite site on the world-wide web.  I even have an amazon credit card so I can earn cash back to spend on more stuff from amazon.  Oh and I also have a District 9 ID card I got for only $1 for shipping from  again, more free stuff.  I just got the latest issue of Syfy magazine for the article on the Hunger Games.  It is aweome.  People magazine, and US weekly are coming out  with special edition issues where it’s all about the Hunger Games, and nothing else, so I went ahead and ordered a special edition hunger games gift card from barnes and noble so I can order the magazines online and not worry about driving around to find it later. I also have a special edition Katniss Fandango Gift card.  There are 8 of them.  Someday I will own all of them.  I also plan on waiting until the movie is on its last showtime, then seeing it for the millionth time, so that when it’s over, I can get the poster that the theater has on the wall!

Now to Music.  Friday night We saw NeedToBreathe in concert at the House of Blues.  It was AWESOME!  I knew it would be, but I didn’t think it would be top 5.  I hadn’t seen them since the summer of 2007 when they played a festival outside, so it was a shortened set, and they only had one cd.  Now they have 4.  They stuck mainly to the new cd, and even though I havent learned it by heart yet, it was still amazing.  Now I just want to listen to that CD even more.  (I just realized I was supposed to be burning tv shows I recorded off the DVR to dvd, but I guess that will have to wait for another day).  The only disappointments I had were they sang one song called “More Time” which is one of my favorites, but they only played the first half of it, whereas the second half is even better.  Skipped the bridge entirely.  And then when they should have sung “Shine On” as an encore, they didn’t sing that one at all. Not sure what they were thinking, or not thinking.  Oh well,  it was still fun.  Then Saturday night was Lady Antebellum, and Darius Rucker.  That was a fun concert too.  I think I liked Darius even more than Lady A.  He even did a couple of Hootie and the Blowfish songs.  But that just reaffirmed the fact I am not a country music fanatic.  As you can see already, and will continue to see, my music taste is very eclectic.  The city blues festival is coming here Memorial Day weekend.  6.5 hours of blues music!!  Featuring The Robert Cray Band, Jimmie Vaughan, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, The Original Ian Moore Band and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown.  Cannot wait!!

Either I’ve run out of things to say, or my brain said that’s enough because I cant think of anything else.  I know as soon as I’m done, I will think of something 5 minutes later.  So now I will go downstairs and watch the Mavericks and the Lakers.  I hate the lakers.  Pretty much if something is liked by the majority of america, I dont like it.  Not the Lakers, the Heat, The yankees, the Giants, etc.  Enough of Lin.  Dirk needs to get the respect he deserves.  And not just because I’m a mavs fan.  He is a very humble person, and Finally got his championship ring.  Even after winning the NBA Finals last year, the media kept saying the heat lost, not the mavs won.  But I’ll try to stay away from pet peeves.  Eventually I plan to have my own mavs championship ring.  Just going to think on it a few days longer.  I’ve saved up all my birthday money and other things to get this ring.  Now I’m going to be in a market research study for 12 weeks that pays $400 just to use some acne cream.  Sign me up.  I love market research studies.  I usually do so many I have to pay taxes on them by the end of the year.  But not by much.  That should help pay for Gaga tickets.  I’m disappointed she isn’t coming here until early 2013, but now that I have a date, I don’t have to wonder any more, and I can just watch the Monster Ball tour on blu ray to hold me over.  Ok I am really done this time.  Future posts shouldn’t be this long, I just wanted to get out everything from the past few days.

Keep it Weird.